Day 510: Headstone

Before, if you would have told me that a year would go by before I could even finalize a headstone, I would have said you were crazy. How could such a simple thing take so long?

Because it’s not a simple thing at all, that’s how!

There are like a hundred bajillion different things you can do with a headstone these days. Every single one of them has financial implications as well.

  • Single or Double? Do I bury him alone or do I plan to add my body to this space later?
  • Color? Traditional? Modern black?
  • Shape? Flat? Tall? Round? Custom?
  • Font? Traditional? Trendy?
  • Built in vases? One or two?
  • Picture or no picture? If yes, which one? How many? Color or black and white?
  • Quotes or no? Which one(s)? Where?
  • Kids names or no?
  • My name? Our anniversary?

I am not kidding when I say that they even have the option of adding a QR code that takes you to a custom website. There are a lot of choices!

Right after Vance died I couldn’t make any more decisions. Especially not ones that would literally be carved in stone.

And so it took me exactly one year to decide. July 3, 2020 I finally sent in the design I picked out for Vance. As with most things this year, because of covid, it took quite a while after that for things to get finished on the production side, but here we are. 143 days later, and his stone is finally set.

Here’s hoping his legacy is just as well preserved.

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