Day 258: COVID-19

Today the governor shut down all brick and mortar schools in Kansas for the rest of the year.

The rest of the year.

You guys. It’s March 17. That’s a good two months.

I’ve spent the last thirteen years at home, eleven of them homeschooling. But this year I sent two kids to the local high school. I guess it was just too much, because the state just sent them back today! (I’m kidding. You have to keep a sense of humor in these situations or you seriously will not be able to cope.)

As much as I love having my kids home, I am not prepared for this. I don’t have high school materials on hand. But as a homeschool mom, I can figure it out I mean, I don’t necessarily want to, but I can.

A lot of parents finding themselves in this crazy place and time aren’t so lucky. They haven’t trained as teachers or spent the last decade navigating the homeschool world. They never, ever, not even last week, thought they would have their kids at home (literally, not going anywhere, not even the library, which is the homeschoolers second home!) for the next five months.

So what do we do?

Well, obviously, we keep calm. I mean, there are all kinds of memes about that. But beyond that?

First, take it slow. No one expects you to become an expert teacher overnight. The state and local districts are working on a plan. They will contact you in a few days. Maybe next week, but they will not just let you drown out here on your own. It’s not how we roll, at least not in my town.

So just relax. Finish Spring Break without stressing too much over what next week brings. Next week? Make your kids read for a while. Twenty minutes to an hour, depending on how old they are. If they’re still little, like elementary school age, just let them play. I’ll say it again.


Give them. the best two weeks of their childhood, Let them run, jump, skip, build, destroy and get bored. You’ll be amazed at what they come up with to do.

Find the balance between tech free days and binge watching days. Have some of each.

No matter what you do, it’s going to be okay. Your kids will learn. I promise. Read. Play. Interact. Put together puzzles and play games. Bore them until they learn how to entertain themselves.

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