Day 147: Motto

Two are stronger than one and a three-fold cord cannot easily be broken.

That’s probably the first Bible verse any of my kids memorized. It’s from the fourth chapter of Ecclesiastes and long ago Vance adopted it as our family motto.

He would randomly just ask the kids, “What’s the family motto?” And from the time they could talk, they would answer him.

Family was the most important thing to Vance; second only to his faith in God. He wanted us to work together, to be a team. To be a strong cord that was hard to break.

Vance understood that the third cord, what made the braid truly strong, was and is Jesus. Without the strength he brings to our family, we are just puny little runts and unable to withstand adversity. But a three-fold cord, one woven together with Christ at the center, that’s one that will hold up when times get tough.

We certainly don’t have it all together. But we are together. We are always and forever woven into the fabric of one another’s lives, enriching them, jointly creating a stronger, more resilient, more useful, more wonderful cord that will not easily be broken.

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