Day 69. Water Heater

Yesterday was hard. Like I didn’t get out of bed hard. I don’t even know why. I haven’t had a lot of days like that lately but yesterday was. Sigh. It is what it is.

I only tell you that to say that 4:00 this afternoon I was still wearing Sunday’s clothes and hadn’t showered. The littles had soccer games tonight so I knew I was going to have to see people and thought that for their sakes, I’d better get cleaned up.

So I jumped in the shower thinking I would have plenty of time to wash away yesterday’s funk (both literal and figurative). I hadn’t even gotten my hair wet when Asa came pounding on the door yelling something I couldn’t quite understand. The second time though, I understood.

The hot water heater was leaking. More accurately, it was pouring water all over the closet and into the hallway. So I turned off the shower, wrapped a towel around myself and went to where the little boys stood just staring at the giant puddle forming on the floor.

It sucked. Big time. There was water everywhere.

But I knew what to do because Vance had taught me and Ezra well. We turned off the breaker and shut off the water to the tank. We all grabbed towels from the dirty laundry and the bathroom closet and started soaking up the mess. I called my dad to come find where the leak was. He came right over. We called the plumber (Neal Cook is my guy. He’s been very good to us for a long time. If you’re local and need someone, give him a call!) and he’s coming to replace the water heater as soon as he can. I called my mom and went to her house to take a shower. My aunt called and volunteered to wash the towels for me.

So basically, we had a small crisis. But I didn’t cry. And thanks to Vance taking the time to teach us, we didn’t panic because we knew what to do. So even now he’s saving the day.

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