Days of Grace

Day 678: Card

In a conversation with an acquaintance who had also lost a spouse way to early, it was mentioned that widows often remember very little, if anything, from the first year. I’ve found that to be both true and false. Some things I remember with laser focus. The ER. Crying when I went the first time […]

Day 663: James 1:27

The other day, two men spent over three hours at my house, fixing a broken door and a clogged dryer vent, which was partially caused by a leak in my roof, which was supposed to have been fixed less than two years ago but apparently was not. This “quick fix” turned out to be a […]

Day 650: Mani/Pedi

I’ve been getting my nails and toes done now for almost a year. Before I’d never done it. I considered it a waste of time and money. After all, there were other things that were more pressing. But before our vacation last year, I decided I wanted pretty toes to put in the sand. So […]

Day 649: Employment

I’ve always been the girl with the plan. I mean, the last couple of years that’s all gone to crap, but it’s still essentially who I am. I like to know what’s next. Had you asked me ten, five, or even two years ago what my job would be in 2021, I would have told […]

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