Days of Grace

Day 512: Exodus 14:14

The other day I was fighting with, err…I mean, talking to one of my kids. The conversation was a little rough. This child of mine is still hurt. Still angry that there is no longer a dad in our house. This, along with the normal everyday teenage angst, has more than once caused a rift […]

Day 499: 50th

Today should have been his 50th birthday. We should have had cake and pork chops and a huge party to celebrate half a century on the planet. We would have worn black and teased him about what was left of his graying hair. We would have sung off key and too loud and ended the […]

Day 497: Ready. (Maybe)

I think I’m ready. Maybe. For what? Dating. Maybe. Whew. Putting that out there is more than a little terrifying. Because here’s what I’m not ready for. Dick pics. (Sorry, Grandma, but they’re a real thing these days. Gag.) Creeps. Guys who think that means I want to jump into bed with them. Because this […]

Day 510: Headstone

Before, if you would have told me that a year would go by before I could even finalize a headstone, I would have said you were crazy. How could such a simple thing take so long? Because it’s not a simple thing at all, that’s how! There are like a hundred bajillion different things you […]

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