Days of Grace

Day 272: Coronavirus

So I was talking to my therapist last week about this whole Coronavirus thing. She and I had to meet via Zoom, because you know, COVID-19 and social distancing and all that. Anyway, she was asking me how I’m doing with the whole thing and we ended up talking about how in a really weird […]

Day 271: Strawberry Wine

This morning I stood in my kitchen, making sausage biscuits (which was my go-to for Vance to take to work for his crew/class) and listening to Kenny and Dolly sing “Islands in the Stream.” Without thinking, I started dancing around the kitchen, something I used to do all the time but haven’t done for a […]

Day 258: COVID-19

Today the governor shut down all brick and mortar schools in Kansas for the rest of the year. The rest of the year. You guys. It’s March 17. That’s a good two months. I’ve spent the last thirteen years at home, eleven of them homeschooling. But this year I sent two kids to the local […]

Day 253: Rain

As I walked through Hobby Lobby today, this caught my eye. A simple little sign, nestled amongst a million other little signs. No rain. No flowers. The enormity of that hit me like a brick wall. For many months now, I have felt the rain. It’s flooded my life, destroying all my plans, my hopes, […]

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