Days of Grace

Day 467: Loud

I didn’t grow up in a sports family. I mean, yes, we played rec sports and watched an occasional game on TV, but none of it was really important during my childhood. I mean, I kind of thought it was, but I really didn’t know how wrong I was until I got married. Because I […]

Day 448: Solo

Yesterday I wrote about being alone but not alone. It got me thinking about the verbiage we have concerning people without partners, parents in particular. Mostly we hear about single parents. I’m talking here about people who are not married (or in a marriage like relationship) but are coparenting. They have to make a lot […]

Day 447: Alone

Yesterday I had to deal with a really hard thing. Without going into detail, let’s just say that I had to face something that was big and scary and potentially very messy. Something that I never asked or hoped for. And I had to do it alone. That’s the hardest part of all of this, […]

Day 435: 40 Days

It’s been 40 days since I shared anything here. Biblically speaking, 40 is generally significant. The rain on Noah. The temptation of Jesus. Easter to Ascension. Moses and Elijah on mountain tops waiting to hear from the Lord. It’s often seen as a trial period or a time of temptation. That’s been true for me. […]

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